Apple a Day

Heritage bred pigs are notable in several ways.  True heritage bred pigs LOOK DIFFERENT when compared to their commercial & hybrid counterparts. This unique look is also uniform in type. An Old Spot pig looks like An Old Spot pig… but it doesn’t quite look like any other pig!

Secondly (and a little known fact) heritage pigs are REALLY BIG on recycling!  Smart farmers of yesteryear bred pigs that would become unique recyclers of niche market resources, thus converting would-be-waste into nutrient-rich protein.  The Old Spot pig, for example, was developed on the refuse of Old English orchards and dairy farms.

Here’s Laszlo Farm’s Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs enjoying breakfast the old fashioned way!  Apples courtesy of LANNI ORCHARDS, Lunenburg MA.


Borage and the Bumblebee

“Pollinators are what ecologists call keystone species. You know how an arch has a keystone. It’s the one stone that keeps the two halves of the arch together […] if you remove the keystone, the whole arch collapses”.

-May Berenbaum, Phd, Entomologist, from Silence of the Bees, PBS Nature


Though often solitary, gardeners never work alone.


What your dog eats

The deeper into the Earth’s crust our archaeologists go, the farther back we travel into the human/canine relationship. This partnership has been resoundingly,  a win – win.

Those ancient dogs were no dummies. We continue to feed them…