Otis & his Laszlo Farm Pet CSA

 Our son and his wife are coming to stay with us temporarily so we will have another dog in the house. Luckily Otis’ CSA is easy to tailor to our needs each month so I added extra bags of beef liver Snappers to our usual order.  Ted is only 7 pounds but he is full of personality.  We can tear these soft treats in to smaller bite sized pieces for Ted while Otis is enjoying a larger Beef Hearty Chew.  Then they are ready to patrol the beach!

                                   photo of Ted & Otis stalking seagulls

 handome Ted

Otis has been enjoying SITZENS bones and treats from Laszlo Family Farm since he was a puppy. He's a finicky eater and has been known to spit regular dog treats out if they don't pass muster. I was so happy to find treats that he consistently loves and that are all made with high quality meats. We started getting a monthly CSA about a year ago which has been perfect for both of us - Otis loves the treats and I love knowing that we are always well stocked!  Jen, Newburyport

             Otis shares his SITZENS when he plays with his best friend, Piper.

Laszlo Family Farm pet CSAs ship monthly. Our next pet CSAs ships Tues, Nov. 16. Contact the farm if you'd like to schedule a monthly pet CSA for your pet.