Heirloom Beans & Grains

Heirloom Beans & Grains

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Charley and Carol Baer have operated Baer's Best for the better part of three decades specializing in bean varieties that have grown here in the Northeast since colonial days. South Hamilton MA 

BLACK TURTLE BEANS:  Black beans are popular for their slightly sweet earthy flavor and rich texture. Their dark skin is also loaded with more antioxidants than any other bean. They make an excellent base in a veggie burger, and their firm texture holds up well in classics like black bean soup, and black bean stew. 

CHILI MIX:  Our chili mix is equal parts Soldier, Jacob’s Cattle, and Light Red Kidney beans. These three variety are for ideal for hearty chili because they stand up to long cooking and robust flavors. They will hold their shape and have soft creamy centers when cooked. Jacob's Cattle and Soldier will also keep some of their unique pattern when cooked. Our Chili Mix can also be used to add a little heirloom flair in any recipe calling for kidney beans!

FLAGEOLET: Flageolet are a small green French gourmet bean. The flageolets we grow are a customer favorite because they are so special and can be difficult to find in good quality. Our small-scale production allows us to harvest them at the right time to maintain their elegant pale green color, and ideal flavor, something Charley takes particular pride in. Flageolet is a traditional bean for many French dishes. They also make an elegant side, and are often seasoned simply, with a few sprigs of fresh herbs.

HEIRLOOM BEAN SOUP MIX:  One of our most popular items is our Heirloom Bean Soup, a mix of varieties selected to add color, texture and flavor to a bean soup. Once cooked some beans will stay intact while others will become creamy to thicken and flavor the broth. The mix varies seasonally but typically includes 10-20 varieties of beans. Our bean soup mix can also be used to make a side or casserole.

BULGUR WHEAT: Bulgur is made by lightly steaming, drying and coarsely cracking hulled hard red winter wheat berries. It has an earthy taste and is packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber. Bulgar wheat makes a great base for delicious and healthy sides like pilaf. The color of the grains ranges from light to dark tan.

PEARLED BARLEY:  Pearled Barley is whole grain barley that has had the husk and some of the bran layer smoothed off. This makes the remaining grain faster to cook and more tender. It had a mild nutty flavor and a pleasant chewy texture, more robust than rice but not as firm as faro or while wheat grains. Pearled barley is mostly used in soups and stews beef and barley stew. However it is also a key ingredient in other specialty dishes like Cholent stew and Italian orzotto.

RED LENTILS: Red Lentils are small, shelled and split legumes. Their flavor is earthy but milder than other lentils and their texture is buttery smooth when cooked. They easily fall apart making a nice thick gravy. Red Lentils cook quickly and can be made into a delicious soup or curry in only 20-30 minutes.  

QUINOA:  Quinoa has a unique "fluffy" soft texture and nutty flavor. It is a versatile base for a side or salad and an easy way to pack nutrition into your meal. A naturally gluten-free grain that is fast to cook.