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Laszlo's Farm Stay provides a boarding and daycare setting that encourages exploration of natural instincts. Pets have daily access to our barns, pastures, and fields.

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LASZLO Nutrition

All your LASZLO Farmers Market favorites! Fresh and locally made. Nutrient dense foods for the entire family. Always preservative free.

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Laszlo's Barnyard Critters, Beneficial Bugs to keep your pup's garden pest-free, and a New England seaside favorite....

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Bison Heart Bites
Bison Heart Bites
Bison Heart Bites

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Bison Heart Bites
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Made using a single ingredient, these Bison Heart treats come from grass-fed Colorado Bison and are a wonderful source of CoQ10!  CoQ10 supports the cardiovascular system of dogs and is a compound made naturally in the body that is used for cell growth and to protect cells from damage. 2.5 oz. by Winnie Lou