Laszlo Family Farm, LLC

Laszlo Family Farm is a working livestock farm dedicated to the promotion of rare breed livestock. 

Our farm stay program for dogs supports our farm and our continuing efforts promoting and conserving rare breeds.

Why rare breeds? Many traditional livestock breeds and food seeds are threatened with extinction because they are unable to adapt to today’s large-scale agribusiness model relying on monoculture. The traditional breeds and heirloom seeds that have been unable to adapt to large-scale agribusiness are an essential part of our agricultural Inheritance and have been passed down to us over hundreds of years from the dedicated families who labored before us.

Rare Genetics:  By crossing new and old genetics in livestock and seeds, we are able to keep our food supplies resilient and adaptable.  When genetic diversity in our food chain is lacking, our food supply is at risk. Rare genetics provide working diversity in our food chain.

Small Farms:  Small farms provide the best homes for rare breed genetics.  Rare breeds thrive in small farm landscapes where value can be found in their unique features. 

We promote and raise sheep of Navajo-churro bloodlines. 


We promote & raise pigs of Gloucestershire Old Spot bloodlines.

We promote, raise and train SMR Spanish Mustangs. 

Laszlo Family Farm, LLC promotes and uses rare breeds of livestock.