Laszlo Farm Stay

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Laszlo Family Farm Stay for dogs is a free-range boarding experience with access to our barns, pastures and fields. Your pet will experience days full of exercise, activity and companionship. Our Farm Stay offers your dog a unique opportunity to socialize with other dogs while experiencing the true benefits of our farm environment.

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Not seeing your pup's farm stay photo page? Pages rotate daily so be sure to check back soon. Text or email and we'll send a direct link to your pup's page for direct access. Photos are updated every three to four days, weather and schedule permitting.

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Laszlo Farm Stay Testimonials


We've owned our brother and sister labs since birth and it's essential to their well-being and happiness to be together. Laszlo Family Farm is an ideal "home away from home" for them. They get to run around and play with their doggy friends, swim in the pond, retrieve balls over and over, meet farm animals, and be treated like members of the family. It couldn't be a more perfect boarding experience. Clarke and Ginger are the best hosts and the delivery service is excellent. All in all, the Farm Stay experience at Laszlo Family Farm gets a solid 5 gold stars, thumbs up recommentation!


Weston, MA


I would highly recommend the Farm Stay at Laszlo Family Farm. Our dog has been staying with them since she was a puppy, and she has come to know the farm as a second home. The socialization has been great for Lancy. She gets to run, play and search the fields through out the day with other dogs. This has helped her become a confident and friendly dog. We are also happy with the flexiblility of Laszlo Farm's pick up and drop off service. Several times our return travel plans have been delayed and Clarke has always been understanding and accommodating.


Newton, MA