Laszlo Farm Stay Pricing & Booking

Overnight Farm Stay: $48 Regular // $65 Peak Times* (See Dates Below)

Additional Day Stay charge of $25 if 1 hour elapses between drop-off and pick-up times.

30% discount on second family dog from same residence.

Please bring food with instructions.

Day Stay: $30 (Day Stay Hours 8am-6am)

Add-ons: Bath & Brush $35 - $60 // Pick-up & Drop-0ff $40 - $60 each way

To reserve your dog's FARM STAY dates, complete the form below. All bookings will be confirmed by email. 

Depending on your email service, our reply may hit your spam folder - please check to ensure.

Peak Time Dates*  Winter and Spring Break Feb 15 - Apr 25  // Memorial Day May 24 - May 30 // July 01 through Sep 06 // Columbus*Indigenous People Day Week Oct 07 - Oct 11 //  Thanksgiving Week Nov 17 - Nov 28  //  Christmas and New Year's Dec 16 through Jan 06 

We are currently booked through August 31, 2022 and not accepting new clients until after Labor Day weekend.  We are keeping waitlists through Labor Day weekend, 2022.  If you would like to be placed on the waitlist for dates through the Labor Day holiday, or need a reservation for the the fall or winter 2022, please fill out the form.  If you would like to become a new client, include your dog's name, age, type/breed, temperament, socialization history w/ people & other dogs, and anything special we need to consider with regard to your dog's care.  Also, let us know where you are located, and how you heard about us.  Thank you.

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