the Original Mustang

the Original Mustang

        If you think you've seen a Spanish Mustang, you probably haven't.

There are less than 2,000 Colonial Spanish horses alive worldwide.  The original mustang registry, the Spanish Mustang Registry, has even fewer individuals in it's ranks. Most people confuse various strains of BLM (bureau of land management) horses.... also called mustangs.... with the original bloodstock of spanish origin. 

And.... with less than a handful of purebred, SMR registered Cerbat mustangs surviving, our Jefe, registered SMR#4129, is truly special... genuinely the last of his kind.

Jefe's colonial spanish genetics are unique to North America, originating in the Cerbat mountain range of Arizona. Oral history documents mustangs in the Cerbat range to the mid 1700's, most likely the outcome of Spanish stock being released by explorers, conquistadors and spanish missionaries. Isolated to the higher altitudes of the mountains, the Cerbat mustang blood was forged by nature.

Spanish horses (and spanish livestock, as a whole) are notorious for there ability to produce quality hybrids. The double edge of this quality has, unfortunately, lead to the loss of purebred spanish stock, as most blood has been crossed out of existence. Today, we continue to lose numbers, not because of the lacking quality of Spanish Mustangs, but because of lacking awareness of their continued reliability and existence.

Jefe exhibits a handy, quiet temperament, with exceptional trainability. Standing 14'1, Jefe is sure-footed, agile, and light in carriage. For serious disciples of dressage, his collected movement is ideal when considering the classical arena. Spanish Mustangs, in general, also make enviable jumpers, and excel in the competitive world of endurance. 

We bred Jefe to our SMR registered mares in 2018. Each colt is turning out as nice as the next! One foal by Jefe is anticipated in 2020, held by an outside, registered SMR mare. We will continue to share updates on Jefe and his offspring as they grow. 

                            2019 red roan colt, Jefe X Tequila Moon, SMR pending

                     2019 Blood Bay dun roan, Jefe X Blue Misty, SMR pending

                  2019 Dun colt, Jefe X Cheyenne Yellow Moon, SMR pending

           2019 Buckskin dun roan colt, Jefe X Fox's Moonbeam, SMR pending

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