the Mustang

the Mustang

Most people confuse various strains of BLM (bureau of land management) horses - also called mustangs - with the original bloodstock of Spanish origin. 
Spanish horses - and Spanish livestock, as a whole - are notorious for the ability to produce quality hybrids. The double edge of this quality has, unfortunately, lead to the loss of purebred Spanish stock, as most blood has been crossed out of existence.
Today we continue to lose numbers not because of lacking quality in Spanish Mustangs, but because of lacking awareness of the breed's usability, reliability and existence.
Spanish Mustangs exhibit handy, quiet temperaments with exceptional trainability. They are sure-footed, agile, sometimes gaited and light in carriage. Registered Spanish Mustangs also make enviable jumpers and excel in the competitive world of endurance. 
Registered Spanish Mustang genetics are unique to North America.





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