Old Man Winter

navajo-churro woolen artwork old man winter

Wayland Winter Farmers Market is on! A celebration of local farmers & food entrepreneurs meeting with the locavores they love.

Find Clarke and Joseph alongside Old Man Winter, an artisan mask created by Joseph Laszlo - outfitted with our own Navajo-churro sheep wool.

Clarke & Joe will be selling our farm's USDA pork, lamb, and pet products. All our handmade catnip toys are stuffed with our farm's homegrown catnip and churro wool! 

Wayland Winter Farmers Market is held outside Russells Garden Center, Saturdays, 11am-2pm, Jan 9, 2021 thru Mar. 13, 2021. Wear your mask!

More information click here.

Photo credit Peg Mallett, market manager extaordinaire.

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